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One perpetrator, one small outfit

AT&T is a pretty good telephone company. Verizon is a pretty good telephone company. Skype is a pretty good Internet telephone company, too. However, Spokn? Spokn is a joke!

Spokn is a small-small outfit operated by a couple of jokers. They don't work like a telephone company. They don't behave like a telephone company. Real telephone companies do answer their phones. Real telephone companies don't ignore any of their customers.

Are you thinking about using Spokn? Send them your money, if you wish. But *I* would never send them my money!

Spokn in 2009

What was Spokn like in 2009? In 2009 — after purchasing Hotfoon, a tiny, little, unknown Internet telephone company from Sweden — Spokn was a pretty good Internet telephone company from Singapore. Except for the facts that they:
  • Required non-refundable deposits of $10.00, just for a chance that you could test their telephone lines.
  • Their audio quality was so bad that all the people I called hanged up on me.
  • Their customer service refused to give me credit for wrong numbers and bad connections. And
  • Their employees were unpleasant and negative.
Therefore, even back in 2009, Spokn sucked!

Spokn today

Fast forward five plus years, and Spokn is an even smaller and even less known Internet telephone company than before. And they're getting smaller by the minute. Why? Because they're losing customers left and right. Why? Because they're no longer good as service providers. Why? Because:
  • They still want a deposit of $10.00.
  • Their audio quality is just as bad as before.
  • Their customer service still refuses to give you credit for wrong numbers and bad connections.
  • Their employees are still unpleasant and negative.
  • Their customer service no longer reply to customers' emails and phone calls.
  • Their employees are no longer available; However,
  • They still bill you for services they no longer provide.
  • Their web site has deteriorated so much that oftentimes you can't even dial out, and
  • Oftentimes you can't even sign in to use your Spokn soft phone.
Therefore Spokn sucks, even today! ...More >>

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