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Bitter almonds

How can you get food poisoning? Bitter almonds are foods, and they're poisonous. Bitter almonds are bitter because they contain cyanide. They taste unpleasant, and can be fatal, if they're consumed in large quantities.

How can you get food poisoning? Bitter almonds cause cyanide poisoning, because they contains amygdalin, which is a cyanogenetic glycoside which, when mixed with digestive enzymes, splits to sugar, benzaldehyde, and hydrogen cyanide!

How can you get food poisoning? Hydrogen cyanide is a poison, because it blocks the cytochrome oxidase enzyme, which prohibits the oxidation process of tissues, and the tissues DIE of oxygen starvation.

How can you get food poisoning? Approximately 60 pieces of bitter almonds cause cyanide poisoning in adults, and 10-15 pieces cause cyanide poisoning in children.

Canned food poisoning, botullinum

How can you get food poisoning? Any canned food can be poisonous. If you eat any canned food that wasn't cooked at 250 °F for three minutes, you will get food poisoning and DIE, because the botullinum toxin is always lethal.

How can you get food poisoning? Of the botullinum toxin, about one microgram is lethal to humans. Why? Because it causes respiratory and musculoskeletal paralysis. You DIE because, if your muscles are paralyzed, you cannot breathe.


How can you get food poisoning? Even capsicum (cayenne pepper) can be poisonous. In excessive doses, capsicum is an irritant and an exotic poison. However, you need to consume approximately 9 grams of it in one sitting.

Major toxic symptoms of capsicum poisoning are salivation, erythema of skin, staggering gait, slowing of respiration that often leads to difficult and labored breathing, blueness of skin, tremor, convulsions, and death.

How can you get food poisoning? You can get food poisoning, if you eat capsicum in excess, or if you force capsicum into the nostrils or the mouth.

How can you get food poisoning? When ingested in sufficient quantities, capsicum acts as an irritant poison with the usual symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, and a burning sensation in the mouth, throat and stomach. ...More >>

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