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Proteins and carbs

How do you lose weight? Here is what you need to do: Watch the ratio of your proteins and carbs. To increase your metabolism, increase your proteins, and also cut your carbs by up to 80 percent. Eat more protein foods and less carb foods, and you will start losing weight steadily! Why? Because what makes you fat are the the carb foods.


How do you lose weight? Here is what you need to do: Once a week you need to clean out your fridge. Get rid of what you're not using, or anything old and stale. Then plan for the week. Have as much as you want as to water, proteins and fats. Eat bigger portions in proteins and fats, but little or nothing in everything else. In the last 12 weeks I have taken off 20 lbs. I have another 20 more to go though. In my experience, it boils down to proper food planning.

Sleeve gastrectomy

How do you lose weight? Consider a surgical weight loss procedure known as "sleeve gastrectomy" (also known as "gastric sleeve"). They remove 75% of your stomach. The surgeon goes in there, makes five small incisions, laproscopically, so you don't even have any scars. And, through those little holes, he rips out your stomach and burns 75% of it.

The reason why you lose so much weight is because, even after you're completely healed, you can no longer fit down more than a few ounces of food, three times a day.

As to loose skin, the doctor will tell you that, from day one you should exercise every day, so you don't have any skin that hangs.


How do you lose weight? Thousands of studies have concluded that one highly significant reason for the weight gain is soft drinks. The studies have found that drinking one or more sodas per day will result in a steadily gain in body weight. What is the solution? Get rid of soda vending machines in schools and work places, stop getting sodas, and you will be amazed at how fast you will start losing weight. (1) (2)

So stop the sodas, and you will lose weight! Why? Because what makes you fat are the the carb foods and drinks — especially the sodas.   ...More >>

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