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How can you really lose weight, for free? Feel free to eat all the proteins and fats you want, as long as you stop the carbs. Why should I stop the carbs? Because it's the carbs that make people fat. Therefore carbs shouldn't be consumed, if you're trying to lose weight.

And, as to fats, don't be concerned. Fats won't make you fat. Why?
  • Because fats can't be stored as body fat; and
  • Because fats do not elicit the insulin response that makes you fat.
If you stop the carbs, you will really lose a lot of weight. Why? Because when you want to lose fat, using up your own fat stores for energy is the perfect solution.

However, please keep in mind that, if you restart the carbs, you'll put the pounds back on, almost immediately.

Do you think you "need" carbs? Do you think you can't live without carbs? Despite many concerned coaches and medical doctors, scientific research published in the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition proves you don't need any carbs. (5)

What is wrong with carbs? There are many problems with carbs. If you eat a carb-rich meal, the following things will happen (shortly therafter):
  • You will feel sleepy, dopey, grumpy and drugged,
  • Your blood glucose will rise rapidly,
  • Your pancreas will produce a large amount of insulin (to take the excess glucose out), and
  • You will put on weight A) because insulin is the hormone responsible for your fat deposits, and B) because carbs are appetite stimulants.
So, how can you really lose weight, for free? The answer is simple: "Stop the carbs!"


How can you really lose weight, for free? You need to make a commitment that you'll stick with the no carb diet. You won't lose weight, if you're not committed. Because losing weight requires a permanent change in what you eat. If you try to lose weight without making a change in the kinds of foods you eat, your weight will come back to you. You need to make a commitment to
not to consume any carbs. ...More >>

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