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Fast foods

How do you lose weight? Eat right and stop eating the garbage foods! I've only ever started gaining weight in three ways, and one of the three ways was eating garbage foods, also known as fast foods, processed foods, junk foods and comfort foods. Do you have a slow metabolism? I don't buy the metabolism excuse, because then my dad would just stay fat. It has to be the fast foods. Are you on a fast food diet? As you might know, fast food has lots of preservatives and hormones that makes you gain weight. I prepare most of my food, and eat some McCancer only every once in awhile. Because I know there are specific reasons as to why people get fat. And because it is abnormal overseas. Of course there are fat people in Germany, too, but nothing like it is over here. It is probably from all the chemicals in fast foods. So, avoid fast foods, and you will lose weight!

Lap band surgery

How do you lose weight? If your BMI is greater than 35, consider a lap band surgery (also known as laparoscopic adjustable gastric band, A-band, or LAGB surgery). The band is an inflatable silicone device that is surgically placed around the top portion of your stomach. The goal is to treat obesity. It intends to slow down your consumption of food, and thus the amount of food you consume. It is also a procedure that was approved by the FDA in February, 2011.

Losing weight slowly

How do you lose weight? Here is what you need to do: Take the weight off slowly, because if you lose too much too quickly, you are liable to gain it back. One pound per week is all you need! In one year that will be 52 pounds!

Making a commitment

How do you lose weight? Change your lifestyle! Make a commitment that you will stick with the no carb diet. Most do not lose weight because they're not really committed. Because losing weight requires a real change, a permanent change in lifestyle. If you try losing weight without changing your life style, chances are your weight will come back to you. You need to make a commitment!

Making money

How do you lose weight? Become more affluent, because poverty is often associated with poor health, cheap foods, and fast foods. Become more affluent, because fresh, healthy food costs more than junk food. Become more affluent, because junk food has more calories than its cheaper, healthier counterparts, so poor folks gravitate to junk food to fill up. Become more affluent, because losing weight is an issue related to poverty. If you have any doubts about this statement, then just go downtown, and in the impoverished areas you will see plenty of metropolitan whales lumbering around.   ...More >>

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