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How do you lose weight? Of carbs, some vegetables — especially spinach and broccoli — are useful for vitamins and minerals. Serve them with butter, so you will absorb the fat soluble vitamins A, E, D and K.

However, of carbs, avoid fruits because they do more harm than good. Mainstream dieticians give us bad advice when they say we need five servings of fruits and vegetables. Then, based on their bad advice, and based on the fact that fruits sell easier than vegetables, well intentioned parents keep fueling the obesity epidemic when they try to get five servings of fruits into their children.

There are many problems with fruits. For starters, the nutritional value of fruits is minimal; they contain few vitamins and few minerals (mainly vitamin C and potassium). The biggest problem with fruits is that they will make you fat and sick. Why? Because fruit sugar (fructose) goes straight to the liver where it is converted to fat. Fruits are also implicated in non-alcoholic fatty-liver-disease, and diabetes type 3. A diet of fruits is a lot like a diet of DRUGS, because fruits cause a lot of harm. Think of blood sugar fluctuations, feelings of dopiness, fatigue, sleepiness, dizziness, nervousness, headache, food craving, tooth decay, gum disease, weight gain, obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, breast cancer, and prostate cancer.


How do you lose weight? Get enemas, or give yourself enemas! Where does your food go, if you have only one bowel movement per two weeks? The answer is obvious, of course. Whenever you see people with large-sized bellies, remind yourself that the human body can store large amounts of waste. If you're 260 lbs at 5'5", with a wasteline of 44", then you need to get rid of that waste! Get enemas, or give yourself enemas, at least once a day. If you do, then you will lose up to 100 lbs in little or no time!


How do you lose weight? Marathon runners and fast runners never seem to have any problems with losing weight; but you have to run to keep the weight off. However, there is an even better alternative: Temporarily starve yourself, and do lots of different exercises at the same time. A friend of mine successfully lost 60 lbs by temporarily starving himself, and by doing lots of different exercises at the same time. No, he doesn't starve himself anymore. And no, he didn't gain it back. He has maintained it.


How do you lose weight? Hit up your doctor for hypothyroidism, because it can affect your weight gain and weight retention. Because one of the worst disasters in the history of medicine is the endocrinology specialty's guidelines for diagnosing and treating people with thyroid problems. Therefore, if your doctor says your thyroid is "borderline normal", or if your hormone levels are weird, chances are you are overweight because of your thyroid. Correct your thyroid dysfunction, and you will drop increasingly more weight, because you will speed up your metabolism.   ...More >>

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