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How to look younger, 11 of 17

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Facial exercise (cont'd...)

Recovery time: Facial exercise products tend to assume your muscles are able to recover overnight. However, most of us aren't able to recover that fast. As explained in this apt article, if you see little or no progress, then you need to give yourself more time for recovery.

So, how can you look younger? Do facial exercises, and you will look younger!

Facial hair

How can you look younger? It goes without saying that you need to shave or otherwise remove your facial hair, if you're a woman, (i) because the lack of facial hair makes you look younger, (ii) because older women tend to grow facial hair. And (iii) because your facial hair triggers disgust in most of us; most of us think your facial hair is gross, sloppy, and disgusting.

Facial (injectable) fillers

How can you look younger? Replace the facial collagen you have lost over the years.

How? Take advantage of FDA approvals, spend some money on yourself, and look for doctors and nurses who inject facial fillers (known as dermal fillers, injectable fillers), such as Juvederm®, Restylane®, or Sculptra®.

If you do, then in as little as ONE hour, you CAN look up to 10 years younger! The injections are quick, easy, and painless! And you will never have to go under anyone's knife!

However, on the negative side,
  • It's pretty foolish to rely on a series of high-priced facial injections that bring only temporary benefits, when facial exercises can do a lot more for you, for a lot less money!

  • You will destroy your face, and start looking 20 years older, if a counterfeit filler is injected into your face. You can't tell whether or not the product is authentic. Your injector won't warn you of the risks, and you won't be aware that your injector is using a counterfeit product. Therefore, you shouldn't mess with facial injections, because it's not worth taking such a HUGE risk for those small benefits.

  • Asia is the world's counterfeit drug factory. If they can counterfeit Nike shoes and Rolex watches, they surely can do the same with facial fillers. There are lots of counterfeit facial filler products. They're easy to find on the Internet, as well as all over this country, because they're marketed to consumers as well as physicians.
    Therefore, chances are, your injector will have them, too! ...More >>
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