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Facial exercise (cont'd...)

Why is it foolish to get a facelift? Because:
  • It's foolish to pay up to $15,000.00 for a routine surgical procedure that takes less than one hour on the operating table.
  • Surgical facelifts do look artifical!
  • Your face may get tighter, but the effect will be very temporary!
  • You take large risks, lots of physical pain, and the scars you get will be permanent!
  • The vast majority of plastic surgeons are mediocre! They produce mediocre results! They will make you look ordinary and mediocre! Is that what you really want?
Before and after photos:: No matter what the before and after photos look like, always be skeptical of ads promising fast and easy results. Because, even without any facial exercise:
  • Some people can and will likely look young, if they never do any facial exercise, if they have good genes, and if they avoid smoking, refined sugar and the sun;
  • They could've used Photoshop to dramatically change the looks of their subject; and
  • They might have used botox, facial fillers, or surgical facelifts — especially if you don't see any strong facial muscles.
Good products:: All facial exercise products are good. What you receive from them are facial exercise ideas. Examples: Ageless if you dare ($48), Carolyn's facial fitness ($40), Face lifting by exercise ($40), Facial magic ($100), Flex effect ($75), Jack Lalanne facial workout (free), and Shape your face (free). If one of these products appears better, then it's usually the work of paid posters in Internet forums, praising their own products.

Free information:: You could, if you wanted to, pay up to $100 for a list of facial exercise ideas, plus shipping and handling. And you could wait for up to two weeks for the shipping and delivery. However, you don't have pay anyone or wait for anyone because A) all you really need are five or six facial exercises, B) you can develop your own exercises, and C) you can get for FREE all the information you need from the world wide web.

Simple and easy: The typical facial exercise is simple and easy. For example, you actually sculpt your jaw, if you chew gum for 30 minutes on each side of your mouth.

Laziness: Facial exercises require your time and effort. Therefore you can't be too lazy, can't be too busy, and can't be too rich. The very lazy, the very busy and the very rich often find it easier or faster if they get facial fillers or surgical facelifts. ...More >>

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