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Facelifts, surgical (cont'd...)

So what can you do? Do your due diligence, ask for references. And, when he refuses to provide references, put an ad in the paper, and advertise for the doctor's former patients.

Or, hire a licensed private investigator to locate some of the doctor's former patients. Why spend the additional money? Because:
  • You want references, and
  • Most of his former patients will be happy to tell you about their usually disappointing experiences!
Why does he collect your money in advance? Because:
  • He wants a commitment from you before you discover that he lied or otherwise exaggerated his training and experience;

  • There are all kinds of doctors in this field — including oral surgeons with little or no training or experience in plastic surgery — who offer to perform plastic surgery. Why? Because they try to cash in on the profits, and the jobs they do are simply unacceptable.

  • Chances are, you'll be unhappy with the results. There are many-many boob jobs, liposuctions and other operations that go badly wrong, at least in the patients' eyes.

  • He wants a commitment from you before you discover that he has a glaring lack of board certification in plastic or cosmetic surgery.
However, if you search really long and hard, if you demand references, if you find a great plastic surgeon, and if nothing goes wrong, then you will look younger as well as more beautiful!

Facial exercise

How can you look younger? Do facial exercises, because facial exercises do work! Even bodybuilders have attractive faces, because they make funny faces while they're lifting!

If you do facial exercises, you will gain fantastic skin. No, it's not a miracle, but a series of facial exercises that make you healthier. And when you get healthier, you will have fantastic skin!

If exercising the facial muscles seems weird to you, it's only because facial exercises haven't been widely accepted as a valid health regimen.

Facial exercise vs. plastic surgery: Have you noticed? Plastic surgeons do their best to discourage facial exercises. Why? Because they're the competition! Of course they're negative about exercising the face. Of course they can and will say it's a waste of time. Of course they can and will say that you get no benefit from exercising the face. Of course they're down on facial exercises! Why? Because:
  • Plastic surgeons are not supposed to promote exercise. They're supposed to discourage healthy exercise because, if you exercise, you won't need the facelift they're trying to sell.

  • Plastic surgeons will definitely lose your business, if you start looking younger, if you look healthier, if you exercise. ...More >>
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