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Facelifts, surgical (cont'd...)

The biggest risks are the surgeons themselves. Because, after they damage you, no one will be able to fix you! If they don't kill you right away, chances are you will kill yourself in order to kill the pain.

Why? Because a horrific plastic surgery can and will likely leave you damaged beyond repair.

Why? Because you'll develop severe depression, PTSD, social anxiety, social isolation, nerve damage and a constant physical pain that will feel like your flesh is burning.

The 2nd biggest risk is the general anesthesia. Too many people take anesthetic drugs, like Propofil, too lightly. However, you should realize that anesthetic drugs like Propofil don't put you to sleep. They put you into a drug-induced coma that will increase your risk of dementia by 35 percent, and impair your memory for the rest of your life! (6)

The 3rd biggest risk is surgery-induced nerve damage. If you take additional risks, if you give additional money to additional doctors, in follow-up surgeries the cut nerves can be sewn together. However, there is no guarantee that the feeling will return — even if you wait, wait and wait for years!

The 4th biggest risk is the glaring lack of artistic skills. Plastic surgery is art. However, your medical doctor won't have any sense of beauty! He will not make you beautiful because:
  • He will not be an artist,
  • He will be interested in making money and that will be all that he will be interested in, and
  • He won't give a damn about you after he will collect your money.
Therefore, the best you can hope for is an ordinary, mediocre job. In other words, in the unlikely event nothing goes wrong, you will have an ordinary, mediocre face — is that all you want?

He's got no incentive to make you look beautiful because he knows that:
  • You will be very impressed with his batchelors degree in medicine;
  • You will never go back to him. You will never give him any additional business because you will be unhappy with the results!
  • You're willing to pay him up to $15,000;
  • You're price shopping, rather than value shopping;
  • You pay him in advance;
  • You take all the risks; and
  • His risk is nil, zilch, zero, nothing, nada A) because he will never lose his license. And B) because, even if you do sue him, other plastic surgeons will refuse to testify against him in the relatively small specialty. ...More >>
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