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Facelifts, surgical (cont'd...)

Summary: The patient went from health to sickness and death. However, all the three incompetent doctors as well as Yorkville Endoscopy were rewarded (they got paid), and no one of them lost their medical licenses. More specifically:
  • Bankulla was rewarded (paid) for the surgery and didn't lose her license.

  • Korovin was rewarded (paid) for the surgery and didn't lose her license.

  • Cohen was also rewarded (paid) and didn't lose his license.

  • Yorkville was rewarded (paid) and didn't lose its license. (7) (8) (9)

  • The excuse was "surgical complication", but the real reason was incompetence.

  • Caveat emptor! You are your best health care provider. Choose wisely and carefully! Do your due diligence! — which is hard. Relying on others can get you killed.

  • Every day thousands of people just like you get killed in operating rooms. However, we never hear about any of those deaths, unless in the highly unlikely event they're celebrities like Joan Rivers.
Yorkville Endoscopy is still open for business. They're still ready and willing to operate on you. The last time I checked, their web site still said their doctors provided "the highest quality and most advanced care." — Really?

The issue is the changes the doctors make on you are irreversible. You can die on the operating table, or, alternatively, you can end up looking like a freak for the rest of your life, if one of the medical doctors makes one tiny, little mistake — any mistake!

The worst doctors are "board-certified" and "state-licensed". The issue is, once a procedure, such as a nose job, or a boob job, becomes popular, there are all kinds of doctors who begin to offer it. Why? Because they try to cash in on the profits. How do they do it? Usually they lie to you by exaggerating their training and experience. The issue is, there are all kinds of doctors in plastic surgery. For example, there are oral surgeons - who are just dentists - with little or no training or experience in plastic surgery. They, too, try to cash in on the profits. And, way too many times, the jobs that they do are unacceptable!

Examples: Simply view the before and after pictures of Carrot Top (Scott Thompson), Donatella Versace, Hang Mioku, Jackie Stallone, Jocelyn Wildenstein, Michael Jackson, and Mickie Rourke! They look like a freaks, don't they? Is that how you want to look for the rest of your life? ...More >>

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