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How to get thin and live longer

How do you to get thin and live longer? Avoid high-calorie foods.
Why? Because, until you're thin, there are three major benefits as to avoiding high-calorie foods.
One, you will look more perfect and more attractive.
Two, if you eat 30-percent less in calories, your lifespan will increase by 50 percent,
and you will live longer!
Three, if you're thin, you will be able to eat more!

How to lose weight

How do you to get thin and live longer? Give away all high-fat or simple-carbohydrate foods. Do the same with all fruits that are naturally sweet, such as raisins and oranges.
Why? Because this will prevent you from eating any bad or high-calorie foods.
Drink lots of water every day.
Exercise every day.
Weight yourself every day.
Limit the number of calories to 1,000 per day, and your meals to two per day.
Plan your meals, and stick to your plans!
Why? Because this way you'll be able to eat more, get thin and live longer!

The physical symptoms of starvation

How do you to get thin and live longer? Ensure you're not starving.
If your BMI is less than 16, you are starving. Your body is not getting enough energy from the foods, vitamins and minerals you consume.
The physical symptoms of starvation are weakness, a weakened immune system, brittle nails, splitting hair, dry skin, food obsession, depression, nervousness, gallstones, low blood pressure, feeling cold, low levels of testosterone, low libido (sex drive), and an irregular or a complete absence of the menstrual cycle (in women).

What is the significance of BMI?

How do you get thin and live longer?
Keep checking your BMI.
If it's less than 16, your body has been starving.
If it's less than 18.5, you're underweight.
If it's between 18.5 and 25, you're normal.
If it's between 25 and 30, you're obese.
If it's more than 35 (or 40), you're morbidly obese.
However, if you are able to maintain your BMI at 19 or so,
you'll be able to eat more, remain thin,
and live longer!

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