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In 2014 she made the following five additional mistakes:
  • She failed to record the patient's weight, which was necessary for determining how much Propofil she had to administer.
  • Of Propofil, she gave the patient 300 mg when the dose should have been 120 mg.
  • After the operation she claimed that, as opposed to the 300 mg stated in the clinic's medical records, she gave the patient 120 mg.
  • When trying to explain what happened, she claimed she accidently "double-clicked" on the computerized record. But she made no sense. How do you get "300 mg", if you "double-click" on "120 mg"?
  • She ignored the many-many warning signs that the patient's (Joan River's) vital signs were deteriorating.
And, as a consequence of her many mistakes during that operation, her patient's death was exacerbated by the Propofil overdose. (7) (8) (9) (10)

Gwen Korovin MD was (and still is) a scary-looking, incompetent, state licensed, board-certified ENT doctor who in 2014 made the following six mistakes:
  • She performed a procedure illegally. Illegally because the patient had not signed off on it; because she wasn't authorized to do any throat biopsy in the first place.
  • As opposed to endoscopy — which is a minor, routine, outpatient, diagnostic procedure — she attempted to perform throat biopsy, which is a high-risk surgical procedure that no one should perform outside a hospital setting.
  • She wasn't a staffer at Yorkville. She didn't have operating room privileges at Yorkville. She broke also the law by being in the operating room where she was not authorized to be.
  • She ignored the many-many automated warning messages saying the patient's vital signs were deteriorating.
  • When trying to explain what happened, she claimed she was too busy performing the biopsy. However, she wouldn't have been busy in the first place, had she not started the high-risk procedure without the support of a hospital, and without the patient's consent.
  • By using additional medical devices and drugs, she managed to interfere with the respiration of the patient (she choked Joan Rivers), the patient experienced hypoxia (Joan Rivers received no oxygen), and the patient died. (7) (8) (9)
Lawrence Cohen, MD, was Yorkville's incompetent medical director who caused the patient's death by insisting that Korovin performed a biopsy, as opposed to the agreed upon endoscopy. At that point Bankulla (very correctly) objected, saying
  • The patient had not signed off on the throat biopsy,
  • The patient couldn't even sign off on it because the patient was already sedated, and
  • Korovin had no surgical privileges at Yorkville.
However, Cohen erroneously dismissed each of Bankulla's objections. (7) (8) (9) ...More >>

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