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Eyes, raccoon

How can you look younger? Raccoon eyes can and will make you look older. Raccoon eyes — also known as shiners, blue luggage, and black eyes — are bilateral periorbital accumulations of blood or other substances around your eyes.

So, how can you look younger? Eliminate the underlying reason, and you will look younger!


How can you look younger? Your face is highly important, because it's your face that people examine the most closely. If you smoke, drink, have facial hair, or expose your face to the sun, you will look older.

So, what can you do to look younger? Avoid suntanning, smoking, drinking; have no facial hair; and you will look younger!

Facelifts, surgical

How can you look younger? Get plastic surgery! Why? Because older people tend to have loose facial skin and muscles. And because they experience physical deterioration. However, all surgeries are expensive as well as risky. Your biggest risks are the doctors. Even when they're "licensed" and "board-certified", doctors are allowed to make many mistakes. They can disfigure you. They can kill you. And they won't even lose their licenses! All they have to say is, "It was just a surgical complication."

Example: On August 28, 2014 Joan Rivers lost her life at Yorkville Endoscopy LLC in New York City.

The procedure they agreed upon was endoscopy, which is just a minor, routine, elective, outpatient diagnostic procedure.

The problem was that, at Yorkville, Rivers relied on three incompetent medical doctors who, after making (5 + 6 + 1 =) 12 mistakes during the procedure, managed to kill Rivers.

Who were the three incompetent medical doctors, and how did they kill Rivers?

Renuka Bankulla MD was (and still is) an incompetent, state licensed, board-certified medical doctor of Eastern Indian origin. She went to medical school in India, and received her MD degree in 1991 from Gandhi Medical College in Hyderabad, India. Was it just a coincidence that in 2005 she was sued for malpractice? Was it just a coincidence that in 2014 she was sued again for malpractice? ...More >>

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