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Are you crazy? Why are you writing an article that tells people how they can get rid of their teeth?

Because virtually all Americans are following this plan right now, even today. They're getting rid of their teeth, step by step, by using exactly the plan that I've outlined here. But when they're suddenly diagnosed with cavities, they have a puzzled look on their faces and ask, "Gee, why do I have this cavity?"

The answer is because they've been following the "How can you get rid of your teeth" plan as outlined in this article.

This includes their choices of sweet, sugary, starchy foods, bakery products, fluoride, "silver" fillings and the acid in sport drinks.

This also includes the parts about not brushing, not flossing, not massaging and not replacing their teeth.

All I've really done here, in this article I described the plan that most Americans are already following. This is the "How can you get rid of your teeth" plan that is actually promoted by brand-name food manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and most of conventional dentists.

Therefore I present this info as a unique way to get the point across to people. That is, if they don't want to get rid of their teeth in their lifetimes, then they need to get off this get-rid-of-your-teeth plan, and get on to a plan that actually prevents the loss of their teeth.

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