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Know the house thoroughly!

How can you recycle houses? Know the house intimately and thoroughly! Start out the renovation project by cleaning out the house as completely as possible! By the time you are done with the cleaning, you will have many ideas that would've never come to you, if you tried to think of the house in the abstract.

Open up the house!

How can you recycle houses? Open up the house, because every house can use additional rooms and spaces! Get rid of dead-ends, staircases, corridors, halls and ugly closets! Make big spaces out of small ones, and come up with rooms from spaces that were wasted before! Additionally, if you add a $1,000 skylight, you might increase the value of the house by tens of thousands of dollars.

Use good materials!

How can you recycle houses? Use quality supplies and materials. You will get many helpful ideas, if you read home builders' and contractors' magazines, hang out in hardware stores, and talk to architects and interior designers. For example, the idea of the texture paint; it will fill out the cracks on rough walls, give a pleasing texture, and simplify the job of painting.

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