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Q: How can you create a police state in the mythical country of Zugoland?

A: At an early age, when they believe everything, tell your citizens that Zugoland is the land of the free, the home of the brave, all men are created equal, justice is blind, the press is free, your vote counts, business is honest, the good guys always win, the police are on your side, God is watching you, your standard of living will never decline, and everything will be just fine.


Q: How can you create a police state in the mythical country of Zugoland?

A: With the cooperation dentists and local governments, using the false pretext of "dental cavity prevention", mass-medicate your citizens. Use a toxic chemical, hydrofluorosilicic acid, or sodium fluoride. And use the public water supply as the vehicle for disseminating this toxic and prophylactically useless drug. Why?

Because, over time, fluoride poisons and narcotizes certain areas of the brain; reduces the citizenry's power to resist domination, and makes them submit to the will of those who wish to govern them. Why?

Because fluoride (hydrofluorosilicic acid) is a toxic and highly reactive chemical. It will eat through metal and plastic, and corrode even stainless steel. It will dissolve rubber tires, and even melt concrete. Why? Because sodium fluoride is a deadly poison; It's used for poisoning rats and cockroaches. It's used in anesthetics, hypnotics, and psychiatric drugs.

Feed them carbs and sugar!

Q: How can you create a police state in the mythical country of Zugoland?

A: Using the power of repetition, promote the intake of carbs and sugar that tranquilize the citizenry and make them sleepy. Train Zugoland's mainstream nutritionists, medical doctors, mainstream media, disease organizations, Department of Agriculture workers as well as Zugoland's food manufacturers to keep repeating the following LIE: "Carbs, especially fruits and vegetables, are the healthiest!". Why? Because...
  • It's L-Tryptophan that makes people sleepy and tranquilized;
  • However, it's one of the ten essential amino acids that the human body can't make on its own. Therefore it has to be introduced through carbs. Why?
  • Because L-Tryptophan is the main ingredient of carb foods and drinks. Therefore it makes perfect sense to promote carb foods and drinks and sugar that make the citizenry sleepy and tranquilized. ...More >>
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