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The Varsovian job (cont'd...)

How would you like to be an alien in the mythical country of Varsovia?

If the investigators can't find any dirt on you, then your Varsovian employer will pressure on you to start moving and working immediately.

Why immediately? Because your Varsovian end customer is selfish. They use you to get what they want. They calculate, manipulate, scheme and plot most of the time. They have a strong "me first" mentality and a tunnel vision that focuses on themselves and their needs.

Example 1: Your expenses, including your expensive airline ticket that you have to buy on short notice is none of their concerns. They won't even reimburse you for your highly expensive airline ticket that you have to buy on short notice.

Example 2: They won't care about you at all, if you need a couple of weeks before you can start rolling.

How about your residence permit? Once you've moved and are already working in Varsovia, no one will volunteer any information on that. The idea has to come from you. You need to ask your agency to apply for your permit, and apply on your behalf.

If your agency do indeed submit an application for you, on your behalf, for your residency card, then you'll need to keep your job for up to 15 years, which is often not possible, because of multiple recessions that occur with monotonous regularity.

Additionally, you need to abide by thousands of policies, regulations, bylaws, state laws and federal laws you're oftentimes completely unaware of.

Additionally, you need to avoid all gangs, drugs, prostitutes, crime, cops, all warrantless searches, all warrantless surveillance, the war on drugs, and the war on terror that, chances are, you don't even know about.

If you can do all of these things for up to 15 years, then and only then you may succeed in getting your residency card.

However, that's not all. Why? Because the bureaucratic processes never seem to end. Example: Before you can apply for your citizenship, you'll have to live in Varsovia for five (5) additional years (in addition to these 15 years).

Then, after applying for citizenship, then — depending on how much competition you'll have 20 years from today, you'll have to wait for up to five additional years for additional background investigations at the convenience of the Varsovian government.

Why? Because in Varsovia you're a criminal, unless you prove yourself innocent. And also because Varsovia is a fear culture where the exaggerated fears are omnipresent. ...More >>

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