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The lack of freedom (cont'd...)

Further, if you apply for a residence permit in Varsovia, you'll be a modern-day indentured servant for up to 15 years.

And because, in the unlikely event you get your residence permit, it'll be a liability to you because — thanks to frequent recessions in Varsovia — often there won't be suitable jobs for you in Varsovia.

And because — thanks to restrictions imposed on you by Varsovian laws — you won't be able to temporarily move back to your old country to enjoy a significantly lower cost of living.

The insecurity

How would you like to be an alien in the mythical country of Varsovia?

Contrary to what you see in the movies, in Varsovia you'll be insecure. In Varsovia you'll live in fear of losing your job, freedom, money, property, spouse and kids.

And, if you apply for a Varsovian residence permit, you'll also live in fear of losing your chance of getting your residence permit.

Consider the following facts: In the Varsovian job market "permanent" and "full time" are euphemisms for "temporary". They can and will likely kick you to the street without any remorse, if it saves them one cent per year. They can and will fire you when it suits them, and hire someone else many years later when their fortunes change, before repeating the cycle.

How would you like to be an alien in the mythical country of Varsovia?

In Varsovia your chance of getting your residence permit is small. Getting the card is a long-long process.

It's not an easy process because in Varsovia there are deep recessions again and again, during which the good jobs disappear, security procedures are tightened and employers become more fastidious than ever before.

And, in the unlikely event you do get your residence permit, it's just a piece of (laminated) paper that — with the click of a mouse on someone else's computer —
can be "pulled" from you at any time. ...More >>

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