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Become unattractive

How can you avoid sex? Your looks can make all the difference in the world. So, how can you avoid sex? Start neglecting your looks!

And, rationalize your behavior. Blame it on your work, school, or kids — if you have kids. Have no time for yourself!

Stop taking care of yourself! Wear old, ill-fitting clothes, and allow yourself to get fat. Pretend you're too tired to work out.

Or, alternatively, work long hours and really become too tired and too busy to work out. And don't give a fiddler's fig about your attractiveness!

How can you avoid sex? If you're never presentable enough, and if you no longer care about your looks, chances are you're never going to be approached by members of the opposite sex. And then you can avoid sex!

Become unemployed

How can you avoid sex? Work on your mental health. Your mental health is important because, before you can reject sex, you want to feel you deserve nothing, not even a hug. And, you might recall, when you were unemployed many years ago, you had little or no confidence.

Therefore, how can you avoid sex? Consider quitting your job, or getting yourself fired. Why? Because then, and especially then, you'll be able to feel sad, depressed and miserable.

And when you're sad, depressed and miserable, you will have an excellent excuse as to why you're neither eligible, nor good enough, to date, or to have sex with anyone! And this way you will be able to avoid sex!

Change your belief system

How can you avoid sex? Change your belief system. Start believing it's a bad idea to socialize with members of the opposite sex, because you might get sued, or you might lose your job. This way, by changing your belief system, you can avoid sex!

Concentrate on work

How can you avoid sex? Consider what it is that you do in you workplace.

Your workplace is important because you spend a large portion of your waking life on the job.

So, how can you avoid sex in the workplace?
Ignore sex, concentrate on work, and you will be able to avoid sex! ...More >>

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