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Develop an attitude

How can you avoid sex? Your attitude is important, so develop an attitude.

Start believing the opposite sex is bad and downright dangerous. Make a conscious effort to develop a negative attitude about the opposite sex! Keep repeating negative statements about them.

Seek the company of negative people, because attitudes are contagious. And because negative people will be negative on the opposite sex, too.

Rationalize your negative beliefs. Tell yourself it's smart to avoid sex, and it's smart to be negative, because it's a dangerous world out there.

Tell yourself you don't want the company of strangers, because they will only hurt you.

So, how can you avoid sex? By having a negative attitude, and having too many fears! They pretty much guarantee that you'll never meet anyone, and never date anyone! And then you can avoid sex!

Develop good excuses

How can you avoid sex? You can avoid sex by developing and using good excuses. The followings are some of the best excuses for having no time for sex:

"Not now, I have to get this done by tomorrow!"

"Not now, I already have too many things on my plate!"

And, by saying these excuses all the time, and by working all the time, you can avoid sex!

Develop Victorian ethics

How can you avoid sex? Your country of residence is important because your environment shapes you. It makes you think the way you do. And because you're subject to the attitudes of people around you.

Therefore, how can you avoid sex? Choose your country of residence carefully. Ensure it's sexually repressed. It's a good sign if prostitution is illegal, if sex is sin, and if public display of affection is frowned upon.

The "good" countries have Victorian morality. In "good" countries sex and the physical body are considered to be intrinsically undesirable.

Living in a country of Victorian values usually means living in an English-speaking country. Because, due to the prominence of the 19th century British Empire, Victorian values can be found, even today, even in the 21st century, in English-speaking countries.

When you live in an English-speaking country, it can significantly limit your opportunities for sex. So, how can you avoid sex? Live in an English-speaking country. It will definitely help you avoid sex! ...More >>

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