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How can you prevent breast cancer? Don't expect any real answers from Wikipedia, and you will prevent breast cancer. Why? Because pretty much everyone in advanced health care is fully aware that:
  • Wikipedia give the reader false knowledge about the subject matter. Why? Because information contained in Wikipedia health articles is an unreliable mixture of truth, half-truth and falsehoods. Example: Alternative cancer therapies are heavily biased, censored and denied as effective modes of healing. Why? Because Wikipedia disseminate corporate-controlled disinformation and systematically censor the truth.

  • Should you contribute to a Wikipedia health article, you might find that, within minutes, some loud, aggressive guy on the payroll of some special interest group will excise your contribution and revert your edit. Why? Because Wikipedia's health articles are controlled by editors working for powerful special interest groups with their agendas to maintain the health care status quo.

  • Every year Wikipedia solicit monetary donations. However, if I were to donate any money, I wouldn't give to Wikipedia, or any of their powerful special interest groups, with their agendas to maintain the health care status quo.
So, how can you prevent breast cancer? Stop getting your health info from Wikipedia, and you will prevent breast cancer.

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