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You need vitamin K2, too!

How can you treat your vitamin D deficiency? Besides taking vitamin D, you also need to take vitamin K2. Why? Because, unless you take K2, too, increased vitamin D results in increased and unwanted vascular calcification. (7)

However, most people, including most medical doctors, are completely unaware of vitamin K2, and the need for vitamin K2.

What is vitamin K2? It's a fat-soluble vitamin, and you need it, especially if you take relatively large doses of vitamin D.

You need vitamin K2, so that, due to the large doses of vitamin D you take, calcium is chanelled to your bones and teeth, rather than to your blood vessels, where it can cause additional problems, such as strokes and heart attacks.

How much vitamin K2 do you need? The recommended daily dose is 70 to 140 mcg (adults), 15 to 100 mcg (children), or 10 to 20 mcg (infants). Watch out for mineral-oil based laxatives, aspirin, and warfarin-class drugs, because they interfere with the action of vitamin K2. Oral contraceptives are also of concern; they cause a build-up of vitamin K2. (4)

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