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Fiber, avoid

Why do you eat fiber at all? Most people think they need a lot of fiber, because the supposed benefits of fiber have been drilled into us by doctors and other mainstream "experts" who are not experts at all, and whose assertions were never proven by scientific research.

The truth is that there is no need for fiber because:
  • The bowels are able to move by themselves — without the external help of fiber.
  • What really moves the bowels are the fats and the fat content of foods.
  • Fats lubricate as well as move the bowels far better than any fiber.
  • Example: constipation can be prevented by drinking olive oil, and the olive oil contains no fiber at all.

Fiber, why?

Mainstream propaganda tells you to eat fiber for the prevention of constipation. However:
  • Do you really want to eat some junk food? Dietary fiber is the ultimate junk food because no dietary fiber is ever absorbed. It's devoid of nutrition because it's neither digestible nor absorbable.

  • Do you really want to eat something that does more harm than good? Fiber does more harm than good because it binds to and prevents the absorption of dietary minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc.

  • Soluble fibers, such as pectin and guar, also cause more harm than good. They're also anti-nutritive because they inhibit pancreatic enzyme activity, as well as the protein digestion in the gut.

  • Do you really want to eat an irritant? Dietary fiber is an irritant. It makes small wounds in your GI track. That's why your body gets rid of it.

  • What is the real reason for your constipation? You'll be constipated, if you listen to mainstream propaganda, if you you eat and drink sedating substances, such as opioid peptides — found in dairy, wheat, rye, and barley. So, what do you eat or drink?

    • Dairy products?
    • Wheat, rye, or barley?

    Issue #1: They cause constipation.

    Issue #2: They make you slow and apathetic.

    Issue #3: They're also addictive. This is why food manufacturers put wheat and milk proteins into most of their junk food products. ...More >>
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