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How do you take your vitamin D?

Take up to 10,000 IU per day of vitamin D. Why? Because there is scientific proof that you need that much vitamin D, per day, every day. (5)

When and how do you take your vitamin D supplements? Contrary to a popular myth, unless your evening meals are the fattiest meals, there is no reason to limit taking your vitamin D supplements only with evening meals.

Generally speaking it's best to take your fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin D, with your fattiest meals. The issue is, fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin D don't get absorbed, if you take them on an empty stomach, or with no-fat or low-fat meals.

MDs, mainstream media, misinformation

How can you treat your vitamin D deficiency? Get some UV-B sunshine, or take a vitamin D supplement.

A study that correlated sunlight exposure with the risk of cancer found that those who were exposed to more sunlight had a significantly lower risk of many types of cancer. (2)

Of course you'll never hear about this study in the mainstream media. Why? Because, in this country, medical doctors and the mainstream media spread a lot of misinformation like:
  • Sunlight is bad for you,
  • There is no difference between UV-B and UV-A, and
  • Of vitamin D, you need only 400 IU per day.
Therefore, if you're smart, you don't ask medical doctors, pharmacists and medical lab personnel about the proper dose of vitamin D supplementation. Why? Because:
  • They discourage you.
  • The vast majority of them erroneously believe that:
    • The sun is your enemy,
    • Sunshine is bad for you,
    • There is little or no difference between UV-B and UV-A, and
    • Of vitamin D, you need only 400 IU per day.
The issue is, if you listen to them, you won't treat your vitamin D deficiency. Why? Because your mainstream health professionals are usually negative. Why? Because they tend to mislead or discourage you. ...More >>

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