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Focus on him

How do you hire a dentist?
Never allow them to interview you. Because, if you do, then the clock will be running against you, and the whole conversation will be wasted. If they ask you about you, dismiss the question, and keep the interview focused on 'them'.

Make a decision

How do you hire a dentist?
As to your aching tooth, now you're in a position to make an educated decision, based on these three professional opinions.

No obligation to hire

How do you hire a dentist?
At this point feel free to take your time. Because, at this point, you're not obligated to hire any dentist, nor are you obligated to set up any dental appointment.

You have many options

How do you hire a dentist?
At this point you've got many options. You can still get help from any other dentist. You can still get your dental work done outside your home area.

You can still approach any dentist anywhere in the world. You can travel to Europe, Canada, Mexico, or the Bahamas. Keep in mind that European and Canadian dentists are just as clean, and just as good, but usually much easier to get along with.

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