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Meet 10-plus dentists

How do you hire a dentist?
Set up a mutually convenient time to meet those 12 or 15 dentists. Go up to him, greet him, and shake his hand.

Watch their eyes and attitudes. Do they like you? Are you guys getting along pretty well? Because, if they like you, they will give you better service, and they will treat you better!

Make notes

How do you hire a dentist?
Right after every meeting, once you're inside your car, make notes to yourself. Jot down all the important things you're noticed about him:

For example, his attitude, self-confidence, pushiness, aggressiveness, And all those smart or stupid remarks he made during those few minutes.

Call for consultation

How do you hire a dentist?
Once you're gathered all that info, then sit down and choose the best three of the 15 dentists you're met. That is the dentists you liked. Then call them back and ask each of their receptionists for 10-minutes of their time. Tell them it's going to be nothing but consultation; and you are willing to pay for their time.

Complete the paperwork

How do you hire a dentist?
If they ask you to fill out forms, ask the receptionists in advance about that, too, and get in there 15 minutes early, fill out all the pages, and give it to the receptionists without any hesitation.

Interview them

How do you hire a dentist?
Meet the three dentists, spend 10 minutes with each of them, and interview them. Ask them about themselves, their experience, expertise, education, and what it is that they would recommend.

Perhaps a crown, an extraction, or something else. Perhaps two of the three roots can be saved, and posts can be inserted into each of those roots. Perhaps you won't need an extraction.

Ask and listen very hard, and make a few gentle attempts to disagree with them. But don't disagree with them too much... ...More >>

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