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Personal recommendations

How do you hire a dentist?
In my experience, there are great many people whose dentists are incompetent or below average. Therefore, you need to question all the personal recommendations you receive from friends and family.

You should choose your own dentist. You need a dentist of your choice, not somebody else's.

Make a list

How do you hire a dentist?
Get your local Yellow Pages, and make a list of 30 dentists. The selection criteria is up to you. For example, limit your list to male dentists with American English-sounding last names.

Make 30 calls

How do you hire a dentist?
Make 30 phone calls to those 30 dentists on your list, and ask their receptionists to help you to meet the dentist you're calling about, before setting up any appointment for you for actual dental work.

Explain to her that you want to meet the dentist, shake his hand, and talk with him for a few minutes.

Explain that you're calling for neither consultation, nor actual dental work.

And tell the receptionist that you don't have a dentist... that you're new to the area... and that you've got lots of dental work that needs to be done.

Leave a voice mail

How do you hire a dentist?
If you keep getting no answer, then leave a LONG voice mail for the receptionist, explaining what you want, and say as much you can, in your voice mail.

Play the numbers game

How do you hire a dentist?
Play the numbers game. The more calls you make, the more likely that a hungry dentist or his receptionist will say 'yes' to your request. Out of 30 calls I normally get between 12 and 15 yeses... ...More >>

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