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Carbs and energy

Do you need carbs? No, you don't. (11)
Do you need carbs for energy? As to energy, fats are clearly superior to carbs (9 vs 4 calories per gram).

Carbs and fiber

Do you need carbs for fiber, for the prevention of constipation? No, you don't. Assuming you don't eat constipating foods, such as dairy foods and wheat, what moves the bowels are the fats.

Carbs and obesity

Aren't you concerned that carbs will make you fat? You should be concerned. Because, in sharp contrast to proteins and fats, carbs are the foods and drinks that make you fat. They make you fat A) because carbs stimulate your appetite, and B) because, as opposed to proteins and fats, carbs always trigger the release of insulin, the hormone that makes you fat.

Carbs, avoid

Based on all the above, if you're wise, then you avoid carbs. You especially need to avoid all refined sugars, sugary foods and grain products.

Fats and obesity

Please don't be concerned. Despite "professional" and "politically correct" opinions to the contrary, fats don't make you fat. Why? Because they don't trigger the release of insulin, the hormone that makes you fat. It's a myth that fats make you fat.

Fats, need

You do need fats because...
  • Fat deposits protect, hold in place and surround your organs,

  • Of foods, fats are the greatest sources of energy (9 vs 4 calories per gram),

  • Fats act as carriers of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. And

  • Human beings can live just 5 weeks without fats. (1)

  • The lack of fats and essential fatty acids lead to many diseases, icluding amenorrhea, blood disorders, bone disease, cancers, cardiovascular disease, cellulite disorders, cholecystitis, depression, developmental problems, enterocholitis, fibromialgia, gallstones, gallbladder disease, heart disease, hypertension, impaired immunity, infertility, inflammatory disease, nerve damage, night blindness, obesity, osteoarthritis, osteomalacia, osteoporosis, skin disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, rickets, scoliosis, skeletal-muscular disorders, tooth loss, vitamin D deficiency, and weight gain.

  • After getting most of your calories from carbs, if you remove most of your carbs from your diet, you need to replace them with something, because you do need energy and calories.

  • There are many who believe that, if a low-carb diet is a good idea, then a low-fat-low-carb diet is an even better idea. However, that is wrong thinking because you do need to get calories from somewhere. And, if you no longer eat carbs, then you must eat more fat to compensate. Otherwise you won't have enough energy to sustain yourself. However, when your low-carb diet is high in fat, you can use fats for up to 70% of your total calories.

  • There is no reason to fear fats, as long as they're healthy fats like almond butter, coconut oil, lard, or olive oil — provided they don't contain burned, hydrogenated, and trans fats.

  • Chances are you're chronically deficient in essential fatty acids. The issue is, if you don't get the essential fatty acids from your diet, then you will develop a deficiency and become sick. That's why they're called essential fatty acids.

  • Ideally you want to eat wild-caught, raw, fatty fish. However, too many of us consider it too expensive. If you eat fish at all, you usually heat it (by frying or cooking). However, the essential fatty acids are easily destroyed by the high-temperatures used in cooking and frying.

  • Fats get a lot of bad press in the mainstream media. Big Pharma, Big Agra and the Cancer Industry want you to be on the cheap, unhealthy high-carb, low-fat diet.

  • Buy and eat whole fish. Oftentimes the fish has been stripped of its fat when it's sold as fillets.

Fats, unsaturated vs saturated

Please don't be concerned. Despite "professional" and "politically correct" opinions to the contrary, saturated fats do not clog your arteries.

Why do Big Pharma tell you not to consume animal fat? Because the sicker you are, the more you need them, and the happier they are.

And, why do Big Agra tell you to eat vegetable fat? Because vegetable fat costs a penny a pound to produce, while quality animal fat is a lot more expensive.

How did they sell you on vegetable fat? They funded scientific research to "prove" the benefits of vegetable fats. They also lobbied Washington, They also spread an enormous amount of disinformation.

And then, thanks to groupthink and mass psychosis, vegetable fats rose in esteem, and animal fats received a lot of bad press. Unfortunately, however, the unhealthy consequences of all this wasn't immediately apparent. They took a long time to develop.

The tired old claim, repeated by many generations of "professional" dietitians, that saturated fat is bad for you has been disproven in many (recent) scientific studies. It's the burned fats, hydrogenated and trans fats that are damaging.

And, even today, many "professional" and "politically correct" opinions are based on biased older research studies that erroneously conclude that saturated dietary fat is unhealthy, and unsaturated dietary fat is what you want. When, in fact, the truth is just the opposite. It's a myth that unsaturated dietary fats are healthier. ...More >>

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