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See your dentist at your earliest convenience, if your gums are swollen, overly sensitive, or bleed often. Your dentist will likely recommend gum surgery. Why? Because it's surgery that dental surgeons do. Surgery is pretty much ALL he (or she) can do. However, stop and think for a second. Despite his (or her) "professional" opinion to the contrary, are you aware that the surgical scalpel (knife) does NOT and will NOT remove the bacteria that cause your gum disease?

Eating raw foods

How do you prevent gum disease? Eat raw foods because chewing is good for you. Eat raw foods, such as red apples, green onions and red radishes. Because they clean your teeth. And because they're delicious. My gums looked their best when I was in the habit of eating nothing but raw foods.


How do you prevent gum disease? Floss every day. Flossing removes food particles trapped in between your teeth. Flossing also prevents bad breath. Your dentist can teach you how to floss. If manual dexterity is an issue for you, get a plastic holder that enables one-handed flossing.

Massaging it

How do you prevent gum disease? Using a toothbrush, your tongue, or a clean finger, regularly massage your gums, because it will stimulate the circulation of blood in and around your gums.


If you're smart, you prefer prevention. If you're smart, you focus on the (plaque) bacteria that cause your gum disease.

If you're smart, you avoid ALL refined sugar, sugar substitutes and sugary foods.

If you're smart, you eat xylitol or erythritol three times a day, every day. If you do, then all the followings will be optional for you: brushing, flossing, dental hygienists and dentists.

However, to prevent gum disease, nothing — not even professional cleaning — beats the combination of xylitol, toothbrush, and dental floss. ...More >>

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