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Doctors (cont'd...)

You don't need the services of the typical medical doctor, unless, in the unlikely event, a Mack truck hits you. Or, in the unlikely event, you come down with a chronic disease you can't control.

The mainstream media, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other establishment types keep saying, "See your doctor", like as if the typical MD's drugs or drug-based health advice was more important than the world's best foods and physical exercises that the typical MD totally ignores, never recommends, and never prescribes.

Therefore avoid as much as possible the typical medical doctor (MD). And then, and only then, you will be able to live to 100.

Examples: The typical medical doctor:
  • Hastens your demise by unnecessarily treating you, medicating you and performing surgeries on you.

  • Ignores your vitamin D deficiency. Or, in the unlikely event he (or she) prescribes something, then it's usually vitamin D-2, which is an inferior version of vitamin D.

  • Performs prostate surgeries on you that turn your harmless, slow-growing, tiny tumors into killers.

  • Prescribes only analog drugs, if you need medication. For example, if you need HRT, then you might die early as the direct result of heart disease, or stroke, which is a direct consequence of taking analog drugs.

  • Prescribes cholesterol-reducing drugs that can and will likely do you far more harm than good.

  • Prescribes prostate scans, including needle biopsies, that do you more harm than good.

  • Refuses to prescribe hormones (when you need testosterone or HRT), and you die as a result of cancer, heart disease, or stroke, which is a direct consequence of your hormone deficiencies.
You don't need the typical MD as to:
  • Blood pressure: You can check your own blood pressure, can't you, for the prevention of hypertension.
  • Cancer prevention: You can prevent cancer. The typical MD can't and won't prevent cancer. His (or her) "early detection" isn't prevention.
  • Diagnosis: The typical MD can't and won't diagnose anything.
  • Information: You get no information from the typical MD. He (or she) doesn't keep up with scientific research.
  • Laboratory tests: Why do you pay the typical MD, when the right medical lab will take and process your body fluids for urinalyses and complete blood counts?
  • Prevention: Only you can prevent diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and stroke. In sharp contrast, the typical MDs can't, won't and doesn't prevent anything.
So, how do you live to 100?
  • Check your blood pressure every couple of weeks,
  • Get complete blood counts and urinalyses once a year, and
  • Avoid the typical medical doctor and his (or her) prescription drugs.
Then, and only then, will you live to 100. ...More >>

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