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Cash grabs

How do you hire a dentist?
Watch out for the (usually elderly and highly experienced) dentist who pushes expensive or overpriced surgical procedures. The higher the procedure price he is pushing, the more you should question his motives.

It is up to you to accept or reject his recommendations. Just say 'no' to the procedure he is pushing.

Especially if you sense any negativity, fear, lack of openness, or lack of compassion. Remember, he is just a salesman trying to push a procedure you neither need nor want! Find a younger and better dentist!

Young dentists

How do you hire a dentist?
Dentists and their qualifications appear to be the same. However, they're not the same.

In my experience, young male dentists with five plus years of experience are better choices than female dentists with zero experience. And young male dentists with five plus years of experience are better choices than male dentists with forty plus years of experience.

Why? Because dentists are surgeons; and all surgeons, including dental surgeons, should be young. Magnifying and eyeglasses are and should be red flags. Why? Because you want dentists with perfect eyesights.

Domestic dentists

How do you hire a dentist?
Watch out for this country's dentists. Why? Because, as a group, they stick together and make many large efforts to extract the most money from YOU and every one of their patients in the shortest possible time.

They refuse service, unless you pay them hundreds of dollars for dental services you don't even need.

Example 1: For them, a full-mouth inspection is in order, every six months. The inspections should be free, however they're not free. They want up to $200 for a few minutes of their time, which is way too much, because that's when they sell you additional services (fillings, crowns, etc.) you do not need.

Example 2: For them, a full set of dental x-rays is in order, every six months. However:
  • You do not need and do not want the additional x-ray radiation.
  • Those x-rays will be filed away and forgotten. And
  • Those x-rays you buy are going to be his (or her) property, not yours!
  • The interpretation of those dental x-rays is highly subjective, and your dentist can assert you "need" expensive and irreversible crowns and root canals, when you don't. There is a conflict of interest! Never ask a barber if you need a haircut! ...More >>
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