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Prevention (cont'd...)

However, on the positive side...

Yes, you can tell if you're heading for a stroke. One group of scientists found that your resting heart rate is the strongest predictor of the stroke — provided you're a high-risk, hypertensive patient with one or more previous stroke or previous transient ischemic attack (TIA, mini-stroke). (27)

Yes, you can prevent strokes. Published in peer-reviewed scientific articles, stroke prevention is relatively simple and easy. Keep reading. (In alphabetic order) the specific lifestyle changes you should make for the prevention of strokes can be found in the following 41 subsections:

Aging artery

What causes strokes? One of the 41 things that causes strokes is an aging artery. Here, in this subsection, we're not talking about regular, ordinary aging. We're talking about accelerated aging due to intake of refined sugar (cane sugar, sugar, table sugar, sucrose, dextrose). (24)

Anger outburst

What causes strokes? One of the 41 things that causes strokes is an anger outburst. One example is a parent who deliberately chooses anger for the sole purpose of controlling her kids. Her anger works for a while — until a stroke disables or kills her.

If you have one, just one, angry outburst, you're 3.62 times more likely to suffer a stroke within two hours of the anger episode. What's more, if your anger episodes are frequent, then you have an even higher absolute excess risk that you accumulate over time. (16)

Aspirin® avoidance

What causes strokes? One of the 41 things that causes strokes is Aspirin® avoidance.

Aspirin® is a drug, a blood thinner, for the prevention of strokes. The usual regimen is one baby Aspirin® per day. The sales pitch is, "Aspirin® may extend your life." The general idea is that you take a drug (Aspirin®) to suppress a possible symptom (blood clot), so you can continue to foolishly...
  • Enjoy sodas, sugar, sugary foods and various other (illegal and legal) drugs;
  • Avoid physical exercise; and
  • Neglect your gum infections. (1)
Aspirin®-avoidance is not unusual at all. There are many good reasons to avoid this drug. Aspirin® causes bleeding by damaging your stomach; by causing gastric damage. Aspirin® also causes deficiencies in vitamins K, B12 and Folic Acid that, in turn, create many additional issues. We don't recommend that you take Aspirin® because there are many other blood thinners, for example vitamin E, that are significantly safer. However, if you decide to take Aspirin®, we suggest you minimize the damage by always taking it with ascorbic acid. (9) (29) ...More >>

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