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Doctors (cont'd...)

Example: In 2014 a professional cricketer, Philip Hughes, was hit by a short-pitched ball that ruptured an artery in his neck. Thanks to his stupid (incompetent) doctor, he died, despite receiving immediate help from an M.D. (30)

Emergency drugs

In theory, neurological damages can be reversed, if blood clots are blocking the blood flow to the brain, if an emergency drug is administered in one hour, and if the drug is able to dissolve the blood clot.

However, how about emergency drugs for restoration of ruptured blood vessels? There are no such drugs.

Getting help

Amazingly naive doctors will tell you to "call '911' immediately and get to a hospital as soon as possible!" However, the world of medical emergencies is not that simple. In a bona fide emergency, such as a a stroke, there are way too many issues (besides getting to a hospital). For example:
  1. You won't even know for sure whether you're having a stroke or not;
  2. You will make many bad decisions, if you're having a stroke;
  3. Even if one of your loved ones calls 911, the paramedics won't take you, if you hesitate, if you're unsure if it's a stroke or not;
  4. Calling 911 will cost you an arm and leg; do you really want to pay them $700.00 for 5-mile ride?
  5. The hospital won't admit you, unless you can show them money or proof of insurance;
  6. Even if you get to a hospital as soon as possible, the hospital's triage nurse will make you wait for a doctor for up to 10 hours, unless in the highly unlikely event you can sell her the idea that you're having a bona fide emergency;
  7. The hospital's doctor won't be much help. Chances are you won't even be able to tell him (or her) what medications you're on. Chances are he (or she) will mess you up.
Issue: How are you going to sell the triage nurse the idea that you're having a bona fide emergency? Chances are...
  • Your symptoms won't be the classic symptoms of a stroke;
  • She'll be tired, busy and overworked; and
  • Your own brain will barely function!


Prevention is far more important than trying to get help in an emergency, So, how can you prevent strokes? Medical doctors tell you that:
  1. You get no warning when you're heading for a stroke;
  2. If you suffer a stroke, the damage you suffer will likely be devastating; and
  3. Strokes can be prevented only by changing your lifestyle.
However, they don't know, don't want to know, or pretend not to know, what lifestyle changes you should make.

And, what a coincidence, when you don't prevent your stroke, it will be money in their pockets. ...More >>

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