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Scientific study #2

In another scientific study, scientists examined the incidence of vitamin B12 deficiency in three groups of noise-exposed subjects: patients with chronic tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), patients with NIHL only, and subjects demonstrating normal hearing.

A group of 113 army personnel exposed to military noise was studied. The mean age was 39 years. Chronic tinnitus and NIHL existed in 57 subjects. NIHL alone was observed in 29 subjects, and 27 subjects had normal audiograms. All subjects were queried about noise exposure and dietary habits. Vitamin B12 serum levels were measured.

Patients with tinnitus and NIHL exhibited vitamin B12 deficiency in 47% of cases (blood levels < or = 250 pg/mL). This was significantly more (P < 0.023) compared with NIHL and normal subjects who exhibited vitamin B12 deficiency in 27% and 19%, respectively.

These observations suggest a relationship between vitamin B12 deficiency and dysfunction of the auditory pathway. Some improvement in tinnitus and associated complaints were observed in 12 patients following vitamin B12 replacement therapy. The authors recommend that routine vitamin B12 serum levels be determined when evaluating patients for chronic tinnitus. (2)


In summary, and in alpabetical order, the followings should be considered: Aspartame, drugs, ear infections, hearing protection, medical conditions, vitamin B12 and vitamin D.


How do you stop your tinnitus? Quit consuming Aspartame because, as to the cause of your tinnitus, Aspartame — also known as Nutrasweet, Equal, and Spoonful — is another prime suspect. Why? Because it has a long-long list of undesirable side effects.

Drugs — OTC and Rx

How can you stop your tinnitus? Quit taking drugs because, as to the cause of tinnitus, all the following drugs are prime suspects: Aspirin, antibiotics, anti-anxiety drugs, anti-depressants, antihistamines, anti-seizure drugs, pain-killers, and steroid drugs. Why? Because they have long-long lists of undesirable side effects.

Ear viruses and infections

How do you you stop your tinnitus? Prevention is the best approach. Why? Because, while theories about the origins of tinnitus abound, treatments are hard to find. Therefore,
  • Protect your ears,
  • Stop listening to loud music (5),
  • Protect your ear from loud noises, and
  • Use earplugs that are clean.
Why? Because your dirty ear plugs will likely get you an inner ear virus, or an ear infection, and you will have tinnitus! (5) ...More >>

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