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By Dr. Stan Helmsletter

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They all laughed at me when I said I could tell how long they would live. Ha, ha, ha! Who is laughing now? Based on your height and weight, I CAN tell how long you're going to live!

The basic facts

How long are you going to live? One, if you're skinny, then you're going to live longer. Two, if you're short, then you're going to live longer. And three, if you're a typical woman, then you're going to live longer, because you weight less than the average person. And also because you're shorter than the average person. (1) (2)

How to extend your life

How long are you going to live? While there isn't much you can do about your height, you CAN gain weight as well as lose weight. And when you lose weight, you will extend your life, because every 2.2 lbs you lose will extend your life by 0.4 year. In other words, every 2.2 lbs that you gain will shorten your life by 0.4 year. (1) (2)

Your lifespan and body weight

How long are you going to live? There is a great study that was published in the September 2002 issue of Ageing Research Reviews. It's an analysis of how your mortality depends on your body weight. What was their method? Scientists analyzed the Medline database, as well as the data of U.S. veterans and baseball players. They looked for data that allowed the analysis of the relationship between body weight and mortality. (1)

Trend lines of age at death versus body weight were drawn. They showed that body size was negatively related to longevity and life expectancy, and positively to mortality. Why? Because the trend lines showed a slope of -0.4 year/kg, as to the average age at death versus average weight. (1)

The scientists concluded that gender differences in longevity were due to differences in body size. Animal research was also consistent with these findings. (1)

The scientists concluded that increased body weight reduced longevity. Why? Because while life expectancy has increased dramatically through improved public health measures, medical care, and reduced malnutrition. However, overnourishment and increased body weight brings chronic diseases that reduce life expectancy. Why? Because excess body weight promotes chronic diseases. (1) ...More >>

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