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How to stop your morning cough, page 1 of 2

By Dr. Stan Helmsletter

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How do you stop your morning cough, if it doesn't go away? The persistent morning cough can be a frustrating symptom deal with.

The definition

What is morning cough? The morning cough is an explosive, lung and breathing-related maneuver, shortly after you get up in the morning, that deliberately and reflexively clears, or attempts to clear your airways. However, the morning cough is only a symptom.

Acute or chronic?

What is the likely cause of your morning cough? It depends if it's an acute morning cough, or a chronic morning cough. It's an acute morning cough, if your morning cough is less than three weeks old. And it's a chronic morning cough, if the morning cough is more than three weeks old.

The treatments

YES, you CAN stop your morning cough. But what kind of cough do you have? How long have you had it? What was it that started it?

Whenever you want to stop your morning cough, there are many great and time-proven treatments. Your task is pretty simple, if, for you, the morning cough is nothing more than a symptom. Because then, for example, all you have to do is to:
  • Have a cup of tea, because a cup of warm tea ALWAYS does the trick.
  • Gargle with with salt water, because gargling is highly effective;
  • Suck on a lozenge, because it will also help;
  • Utilize steam;
  • Get a humidifier;
  • Remain in an air-conditioned environment;
  • Stay hydrated;
  • Clear the air;
  • Use a nasal decongestant;
  • Take a cough suppressant;
  • Examine your medications;
  • And, if none of these treatments appear to stop your morning cough, then talk to a doctor; preferably an ND, not an MD.
And treatments do of course work on the short run. However, in your own interest, for the long run, you need to do more than just treating your symptoms.

The cure

Treatments are for the short run. For the long run you need to discover on your own what it is that causes your morning cough. Why? Because you want to cure yourself, you want to restore your health, and prevent the reoccurrence of your morning cough. Therefore, all the followings can and will likely help you: ...More >>

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