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Foods — acid, denatured, prepared, processed (cont'd...)

What food is processed food? It's any food that comes out of a can, box, or bag — and not straight from the ground. Examples are ice cream, french fries and potato chips.

Avoid all processed foods because they're your worst food choices. Because they cause breast cancer in women.


What causes breast cancer in women? One of the 13 things that causes breast cancer in women is the use of paraben-containing cosmetic and personal care products.

Therefore, be smart and avoid the buying or using cosmetic and personal care products that contain parabens (methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, isobutylparaben, isopropylparaben and benzylparaben).

Why? Because parabens cause breast cancer. Because parabens do harm your endocrine system. Because parabens bind to your delicate hormone receptor sites that are reserved for estrogens.


What causes breast cancer in women? One of the 13 things that causes breast cancer in women is exposure to radiation. Therefore, avoid all radiation, including x-ray radiation. Why? Because radiation causes breast cancer in women. Why? Because breasts are sensitive to radiation. And premenopausal breasts are especially highly sensitive to radiation.

Airport full-body scanners: Avoid airport full-body scanners because they cause cancer, including breast cancer in women. Why? Because x-ray radiation is linked to cancer, including breast cancer in women.

Surely the FDA and TSA, the responsible agencies of the government, or the industry, is looking out for your health! Right? Wrong!

The sad fact is that, despite the government's assertions to the contrary, airport full-body scanners pose a significant threat of breast cancer, particularly to women who are genetically at risk of breast cancer. (25)

Why? Because:
  • The radiation of the scanners imperils the eyes, thyroid glands, and breasts of women.
  • The scanners emit ionizing (x-ray) radiation that knocks electrons out of your body, which breaks your DNA chain, which tends to cause death or cancer.
It's not a coincidence that European authorities already have prohibited the scanners at all European airports. A PBS investigation found the scanners cause 6 to 100 cancer cases per year among U.S. passengers. (25) ...More >>

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