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Food preparation

What causes breast cancer in women? One of the 13 things that causes breast cancer in women is food preparation.

What is food preparation? It's the baking, barbecuing, blaching, braising, boiling, broiling, browning, coddling, cooking, deep-frying, frying, griddling, grilling, hot-smoking, microwaving, pan-frying, parboiling, poaching, toasting, roasting, sautering, shirring, simmering, steaming and stewing.

What's wrong with food preparation? The issue is that the heating of proteinaceous (protein) foods not only alters nutrients, but also produces carcinogenic (cancer-causing) by-products. And, when you keep eating these cancer-causing by-products, when you keep bombarding your cells with these carcinogenic by-products, you keep asking for breast cancer.

What protenaceous (protein) foods are subject to food preparation? Examples include heated-in-any-way beans, eggs, fish, milk and meat.

What is the issue? The issue is that, over the last 50 years, breast cancer in women has increased A) because protein consumption has increased, and B) because food is often heated (more than once).

So, what causes breast cancer in women? It's food preparation (cooking, baking, etc.) Therefore, be smart and do not advance breast cancer! Be smart and do not create carcinogenic by-products that cause cancer, including breast cancer in women!

Foods — acid, denatured, prepared, processed

What causes breast cancer in women? One of the 13 things that causes breast cancer in women is the intake of acid, denatured, prepared and processed foods — such as packaged meat products.

Acid foods: Avoid the intake of acid foods because cancer is caused by various symbiotic organisms known as microbes, bacteria and parasites. They do a lot of good and little or no harm, if you're in the habit of eating alkaline foods.

However, if you make the mistake of eating mostly acid foods, then the microbes, bacteria and parasites begin to multiply and poison you with their metabolic waste products.

Denatured foods: Avoid the intake of tea, coffee, coca cola, meat, liquor, tobacco, meats, refined sugar, white flour, white rice and all denatured foods because they poison your system. (24)

Prepared meats and animal proteins: Avoid the intake of prepared meats, because they cause breast cancer in women. Eating plant-based proteins tends to cause less cancer, and the various toxins you get exposed to tend to remain dormant in your system. (16)

However if at the same time you eat mostly prepared (heated) animal meats and proteins, your microbes will begin to grow rapidly. Especially if your immune system is is weak or weaker for any reason. Even if the weakness is only temporary. Examples are hamburgers, hot dogs and grilled chicken breasts. ...More >>

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