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Environment, your

What are the ten common causes of ED (erectile dysfunction, impotence)? Your environment is one of the ten common causes of ED (erectile dysfunction, impotence). All around you there is the chemical castration of men. There is gendercide of men by chemical means.

Gendercide? Yes. But why? For control. Because your masters want to control you. Your masters want you to be docile, obedient and submissive, so they don't curb the increased use of estrogen-like chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, fluoride and chlorine.

Why? Because high testosterone levels aren't desired by our masters. Therefore we, men, are being poisoned on purpose.

Why? To ensure we stay little boys throughout our entire lives. Testosterone, after all, is the source of a man's courage. It's also the magic elixir that drives our personal growth!

The issue is, the estrogen-like chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, fluoride and chlorine are wrecking absolute havoc at receptor sites in your delicate endocrine system.

Before you dismiss this as "just another conspiration theory", you need to remember that fluoride was first introduced into the water supply in NAZI concentration camps (during WWII), in order to keep the prisoners docile. The wardens of those concentration camps did not have any interest in preserving the health of their prisoners' teeth, did they?

The issue is, it's pretty hard to avoid these poisons, since they show up in our foods, water and air.

As a result, our testosterone levels are less than one fourth of what men used to have in the 1920s. And less than one half of what men used to have in the 1950s — when there were no Atrazine, Bisphenol A, DDT, Dioxin, Endosulfan, PBB, PCBs, Phtlates, Roundup, Zeranol, and thousands of other xenoestrogens.

Example: From the days when men had much higher testosterone levels than they do today, it's not uncommon to find snapshots of barely 200 pound men who were able to pick up train axles. ...More >>

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