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What are the ten common causes of ED? The typical medical doctor is one of the ten common causes of ED.

Thanks to our (usually corrupt) lawmakers who keep chipping away our freedoms, not even in the land of the free can you buy testosterone products (pills, injections, gels, pellets) in the open market. Therefore, you need at least one medical doctor who is sympathetic to male sexual issues.

Issue 1: Few such doctors exist, because the vast majority of medical doctors are inexperienced in the use of testosterone products.

Issue 2: When your testosterone levels are low, when you're feeling kind of weak, when your health is not so good, it's especially difficult to convince the typical medical doctor that it's testosterone that you need.

Issue 3: Even if you are able to convince the typical medical doctor to test you and your testosterone levels — unless your test results show your testosterone levels are at zero or near zero — he (or she) will talk down to you, and pat you on the head, and tell you, "It's all in your head!"

Issue 4: You may need more testosterone than the average guy on the street, because what is "normal" for one guy is not normal for another, because some of us, guys, have a higher natural resistance to testosterone than others.

Issue 5: Women have had treatments for menopause for many years, and it's about time that we guys are treated equally.

Issue 6: Medical doctors do not take the andropause seriously. They rarely offer treatments, such as testosterone injections, gels, or pellets. They should, at least for a trial period, offer such treatments in many more cases. Because testosterone will either have the desired effect, or it won't.

Issue 7: You don't need medical doctors to take your weight, height and blood pressure; or to draw your blood and palpate your prostate. Therefore the typical medical doctor adds little or nothing to your life. In the unlikely event he (or she) is able to add something to your life, it's nothing but DRUGS. Why? Because he (or she) is not a healer, but a glorified drug dealer.   ...More >>

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