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What does the scientist say?

If you ask a scientist, he (or she) won't try to sell you anything. Therefore, based on what we've said so far, relevant, reliable scientific studies are far better than any information that comes from medical doctors.

And indeed there are relevant, reliable scientific studies. For example, there is a scientific study published in the Molecular Aspects of Medicine. According to that study (see below), the root cause of atherosclerosis is your poor diet. Your poor diet causes your magnesium deficiency, your magnesium deficiency causes your "bad cholesterol", and your "bad cholesterol" causes your atherosclerosis. (1)

The abstract of the scientific article

Several data indicate that magnesium deficiency caused by poor diet and/or errors in its metabolism may be a missing link between diverse cardiovascular risk factors and atherosclerosis.

Experimentally induced low plasma levels of magnesium accelerate atherogenesis by increasing LDL concentrations and their oxidative modifications, and by promoting inflammation.

In vitro studies have shown that low magnesium determines endothelial dysfunction, the initiating event leading to the formation of the plaque. Moreover, oral magnesium therapy has been shown to improve endothelial function in patients with coronary artery disease.

Magnesium, which is an inexpensive, natural and rather safe element, could be useful in preventing atherosclerosis and as an adjuvant therapy in patients with clinical manifestations of the disease. (1)

Magnesium deficiency, caused either by poor diet and/or errors in magnesium metabolism, may be a missing link between diverse cardiovascular risk factors and atherosclerosis. (2)

What causes magnesium deficiency?

Magnesium deficiency can be caused by alcohol intake, cirrhosis of the liver, cooking, diabetes, diarrhea, diuretics, food processing, food refining, high-carbohydrate diet, hormone drugs, kidney malfunction, kwashiorkor, oxalic acid (in spinach), phytic acid (in cereals), vitamin D deficiency, or vomiting. (3)

Sources and references

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