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Marriage (cont'd...)

How do you lower your libido? Get married because marriage will lower your libido:
  • When you face the dismissive attitude of medical doctors. Because, according to them, desire is unimportant and unnecessary, and your wife's loss of libido is not an issue. Why? Because, while hundreds of prescription drugs have a negative impact on her libido, the medical doctors don't have anything at all for boosting her low libido.

  • When you face your wife's negative attitude about making love. Example: She says she "won't allow you" to "ram something" in her, because "it's a gross intrusion" that is "often painful", and making love is "only necessary in order to have children".

  • When your wife won't serve your needs. Why? Because she is not interested in making love. For her, love-making was just a tool, a weapon, to get you to propose. Why did she smile on her wedding day? Because she'd given all the blow jobs she ever needed to!

  • When you can't get it from your wife. And when you get it from somewhere else, then you're a jerk, your wife will divorce you, and some evil "family court" judge will choke the life out of you by making you pay child support AND alimony you can't afford.

  • When you realize your wife is a faker. Before you married her, she pretended that she enjoyed making love with you. However, in reality, she didn't have much libido. So she faked her enjoyment and orgasms because:
    • She didn't enjoy love-making, and wanted to get it over with;
    • She felt under pressure to have orgasms;
    • She wanted to be seen as sexually enthusiastic;
    • She was scared that you'd go elsewhere for it, if she didn't demonstrate her enjoyment;
    • She had no idea how to have orgasms, so she faked all of her orgasms, because
    • Faking is so easy; guys rarely spot it; you didn't spot it; you were convinced she was a red-hot lover!

    And now that you've knocked her up, in the next 25 years you will have to support her. And, in return, she will give you nothing, not even sex! ...More >>
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