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How do you lower your libido (sex drive)? If you increase your copper intake in tandem with decreasing your zinc intake, you will lower your libido (sex drive). As your copper intake goes up and your zinc intake is lowered, your "copper personality" emerges, which means that:
  • On the one hand, you become more intelligent, more creative, more childlike, or more artistic. You may also experience a degree of detachment from reality, which some have labeled spaciness. And in a way this detachment is good, because it enables you to better cope with stress.

  • However, on the other hand, your high copper level, and especially your elevated copper-zinc ratio, will result in lower androgen hormone secretions, which will ultimately lower your libido (sex drive).

  • Fats: To lower your libido (sex drive) through copper toxicity, you need to minimize your fat intake, because normally 80 percent of copper excretion is via the bile, and if your fat intake is close to zero, then little or no bile will be excreted; and this can bring your copper level into the toxic range.

  • Grains: To lower your libido (sex drive) through copper toxicity, you need to follow a strict vegetarian diet, because of the high copper content of nuts, seeds, beans and grains (including breads).

  • Proteins: Avoiding animal proteins, and following a low protein diet does help, because the resulting low zinc levels do contribute to an excess copper in your system. Therefore it helps, for example, if you limit proteins and animal fats to dairy foods, and if you're also lactose intolerant.

  • Vegetarian foods: As you become increasingly copper-toxic, you will likely start craving for vegetarian foods, especially sweets, fruits, and fruit juices; and will also develop an aversion to the intake of protein foods, especially red meat.

  • Zinc: To lower your libido (sex drive) through copper toxicity, you need to avoid taking zinc supplements, because zinc prevents the absorbtion of copper.
So, how do you lower your libido (sex drive)? Increase your copper intake by adopting a low-protein, low-fat, low-zinc, vegetarian diet, because it will lower your libido (sex drive)!   ...More >>

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