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Take a natural approach

I believe things will get better for you, if you take a natural approach, and if you stop taking meds safely. I want to make it your goal to go for natural alternatives, and stop taking meds safely. I want you to make it your goal to start believing in the healing power of foods and supplements, and believe they're gifts that you can use for your own benefit.

Take it easy

Whenever you want to stop meds safely, you need to make a plan with the goal of eventually getting off all your meds. Don't stop your meds abruptly. Stopping your meds abruptly can be dangerous.

Whenever you want to stop taking meds safely, you want to concentrate on stopping only ONE of your meds. For example, instead of stopping all four of your meds at the same time, you want to focus your attention on stopping only one of your meds.

Whenever you stop taking meds safely, you want to decrease your dose gradually. For example, instead of going from 500 mg to zero mg in less than 24 hours, on day 1 you go from 500 to 400 mg, on day 2 you go from 400 to 300 mg, on day 3 you go from 300 to 200 mg, on day 4 you go from 200 to 100 mg, on day 5 you go from 100 to 50 mg, and on day 6 you go from 50 to zero mg.

"But, before doing anything else, shouldn't I get my doctor's permission first?"

Talk with your doctor

You want to talk with your doctor, NOT because you need his (her) permission to stop taking your meds, but because you want to pick his (or her) brain. If he (or she) is intimidating, then silently remind yourself that you're the boss, and he (or she) is just a hired hand. Watch out for negative doctors who oppose your efforts to be med-free. If negativity is an issue, then I suggest you vote with your wallet. Take your business elsewhere, and let your doctors know why. Tell them that their negativity is costing them money and patient goodwill.

The idea

The main idea of this apt article is as follows: Begin listening to your body whenever you have a health issue (disease, dis-ease, medical issue). Why? Because when you begin listening to your body, you will start learning how your body works. You will start learning what it is that causes your symptoms. And then you can stop taking meds safely.

Practical example

For the sake of a practical example, let's assume your main reason for taking a large number of meds is afib (atrial fibrillation, cardiac arrhythmia, arrhythmia, an irregular, uneven, abnormal rate of heart muscle contractions). ...More >>

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