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The caveat

Let me tell you about the other side of chocolate. Some foods — including alcoholic beverages (especially beer), animal fats, antibiotics, bananas, cocoa solids, coconut oil (unless it's made from fresh coconuts), barley, cheeses, coffee, corn, cottonseed, refined sugar (cane sugar, sugar beets), processed meats, nuts (especially peanuts and cashews), sorghum, and wheat — are high-risk foods for mycotoxins!

This means that, if you eat chocolate, your performance may suffer for a few days or weeks. Temporarily, you may zone out. Temporarily you may become slow and foggy.

If you still want to eat chocolate, how do you prevent the temporary performance drop? One, stop making the mistake of buying cheap chocolate. Buy only expensive chocolate. European chocolate is the best, or one of the best. For example, buy Lindt 90% dark. Two, try it on an empty stomach, and away from other foods. Watch how you feeling. Watch for dizziness, headache, joint pain, stomach pain, and very dry mouth. If you experience any of these symptoms, then that's not the batch for you. However, if you feel fine for at least two hours, then you ate good chocolate, and you can have more chocolate from the same batch. (2)

Sources and references

(1) "Chocolate consumption and cardiometabolic disorders: systematic review and meta-analysis." by A. Buitrago-Lopez, J. Sanderson, L. Johnson, S. Warnakula, A Wood, E. Di Angelantonio, O.H. Franco, Department of Public Health and Primary Care, Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit, University of Cambridge, Strangeways Research Laboratory, Cambridge, UK, BMJ, 2011 Aug 26;343:d4488. doi: 10.1136/bmj.d4488,
PMID 21875885.

(2) Personal experiences of the author.

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