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Is chocolate a stimulant?

As to classifying chocolate, nutritionists aren't interested in the fact that chocolate is good for the heart, so they just lump it together with coffee.

Therefore there are many nutritionists who don't know that chocolate is good for the heart, but believe chocolate is just a stimulant just like coffee.

However, in my experience — when chocolate is in the form of cocoa (dry powder, serving size 28 gram) — chocolate is not a stimulant, unless you mix it with a fatty substance, like coconut oil.

But, even if you do mix it with coconut oil, its stimulating properties are not even close to those of coffee. So, is chocolate a stimulant just like coffee? No, it is not!

Keep reading, and on the next 10 or 15 paragraphs you will find additional proof, in the form of a recently published scientific article, that chocolate is good for the heart.

The objective

The objective of the scientific research was to evaluate the association of chocolate consumption with the risk of developing cardiometabolic disorders.

The design

The scientific research was designed to systematicly review and meta-analyze the randomized controlled trials and observational studies.

The data sources

The data sources of the scientific research were Medline, Embase, Cochrane Library, PubMed, CINAHL, IPA, Web of Science, Scopus, Pascal, reference lists of relevant studies to October 2010, and email contact with authors. ...More >>

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