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Women, ugly

What are the causes of ED (erectile dysfunction)? Ugly women are one of the causes of ED (erectile dysfunction).

A new study calls attention to the fact that ED (erectile dysfunction) is caused by ugly women. The study measures the angle of erection versus the attractiveness of the woman. "The proof is in the erectile pudding" says Professor Herzl of the study. The usual problem is the woman who is too unattractive to cause any sexual arousal. The study proves that the majority of men supposedly suffering from ED (erectile dysfunction) spring to life, if presented with an attractive woman. According to the study, you will have an erection, even if you've been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, if the woman is attractive enough. According to the study, men have erections, if the woman is attractive enough, even if the man is over 60 years of age. The study also finds that, when presented with women ranked "1" through "3" on a 10-scale, most men 50 and up prefer eating potato chips. (3)

Obesity can and will cause ED (erectile dysfunction) and American women are more obese than any other women in the whole world! The average American woman is 175 pounds and only 5 foot and 5 inches. And that is the average! The issue is, I will never date anyone who is that obese. And, if I dated someone who later became that obese, I would lose my interest in her, in the bedroom, too.

The issue is, when there are so many obese, unattractive women, what is there to be turned on BY? My libido absolutely fine, just not when I'm in THIS country!

So, what is one of the causes of ED (erectile dysfunction)? Unattractive women are one of the causes of ED (erectile dysfunction).

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