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Vitamin D

What are the causes of ED (erectile dysfunction)? By causing a low-low libido, Vitamin D can give you ED (erectile dysfunction) if you take excessive doses of it for several months. (20) (21)

Vitamin D, zinc, folate

What are the causes of ED (erectile dysfunction)? Your chronic lack of micronutrients is one of the causes of ED (erectile dysfunction).

The issue is, the soil is grossly deficient in micronutrients, and micronutrient deficiencies are widespread in all foods. Therefore, even if you eat a seemingly perfect diet, chances are you're starved for vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are essential for the production of your testosterone. Micronutrients include zinc, folate and vitamin D. (16)

It's remarkable how mainstream propaganda brands many of these micronutrients "toxic" or "dangerous", when in fact they're not.

The branding of Vitamin D is especially interesting because:
  • Vitamin D is not a vitamin but a steroid hormone.
  • Vitamin D is branded "toxic" by mainstream propaganda, when it's not.
  • Vitamin D is is essential for healthy sperm, semen quality, and sperm count.
  • Vitamin D usually increases your testosterone levels, which usually boost your libido.
  • In one study, healthy overweight men were given vitamin D, which resulted in significant increases in their testosterone levels. (13)
  • Vitamin D deficiency should be considered, because no increases in testosterone levels were observed in men who had not been vitamin D deficient. (14)
  • Vitamin D deficiency is common; most of us are deficient in vitamin D. (15)
Zinc is another interesting micronutrient. In clinical studies, when healthy men were given zinc supplements, significant increases occured in their testosterone levels. (16) (17)

So, what is one of the causes of ED (erectile dysfunction)? Your chronic lack of micronutrients is one of the causes of ED (erectile dysfunction). ...More >>

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