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Underwear, tight

What are the causes of ED (erectile dysfunction)? Tight underwear is one of the causes of ED (erectile dysfunction).

The issue is, many guys must wear tight briefs, either because they're embarrassed about their erections, or because they want to prevent the dull pain of varicoceles, or because they're very well endowed and need all the support they can get.

Further, if you go to the typical medical doctor, the glorified drug dealer, and if you tell him about your tight underwear, varicocele, and penis size, you will find he is ignorant about all of these subjects. He lives in the world of drugs, not in the world of penis sizes and fabric selection for underwear.

So, without any thinking, the typical medical doctor will tell you that tight underwear does not cause any ED (erectile dysfunction). Like as if the position and temperature of your testicles (testes) had little or no effect on your testosterone levels. Like as if his mistaken belief was more important than the many scientific studies he never reads.

FYI, there are many scientific studies on the subject of tight underwear as well as fabric selection. They prove that sperm quality depends on scrotal temperature.(1) (5)

However, the typical medical doctor isn't interested in such studies, so if you're wise, you stop listening to medical doctors.

Some of the causes of ED (erectile dysfunction) are low testosterone and lack of blood flow. Therefore, if you're smart, you wear boxers (loose boxer shorts) or no underwear at all.

If you're smart, you avoid tight briefs and all constrictive underwear.

At the very least, if you're smart, you wear loose clothes to bed, so you can have (morning wood) erections every morning. (2)

So, what is one of the causes of ED (erectile dysfunction)? Tight underwear is one of the causes of ED (erectile dysfunction).   ...More >>

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